We envision a world where all good people are safe and keep themselves and their loved ones secure from harm, whether that harm come from crime, terrorism, accidents, or events of nature. Our goal is for people to learn how to live safer without living in fear. We want to help people be prepared with actions they can take when they feel alarmed, but we also want people to recognize bad situations and how to avoid them.


A message from Todd Mahan, Vice President, Training Division, MEI Security.

As the VP in charge of MEI’s training division, my main goal is to infuse a sense of security into people’s lives and to make them feel safer as they go about their day-to-day activities. I believe that we are all responsible for our own safety and that some of us just need a little training to increase our safety awareness, to better assess risks, and to learn how to respond effectively to threats. My goal is to bring about a culture of safety and security to the average consumer and thereby provide people the ability to stay safe in a world that is otherwise not. In no way am I trying to increase panic, I just want to give people the gift that I was given by taking what I was taught in the military and empowering people with my experience.


Corporate Training

At the corporate level we customize our consumer training offerings for your organization’s needs.  This provides benefits for your employees, because they are learning how to keep themselves and their families safer, while it also benefits your organization by providing material related to being safe in your specific work environment.


Consumer (Individual) Training

At the consumer level we help people avoid crime and other risks by helping improve situational awareness thereby avoiding incidents and by teaching skills useful for the three “D”‘s of handing an incident, De-escalate, Disengage, and Distance.


We also offer focused training classes related to specific skills like firearms safety.