Source Boston 2016 Promotion

MEI Security wants to see YOU

at the Source Boston conference, May 18 and 19.

Join us where Security and Business come together at Source Boston 2016, and drink in the Security know-how.

Each person who signs up with the affiliate code “AFFILIATE_VIKSOLEM” gets a portable USB battery, a slide-able webcam cover, and their choice of an MEI hat or T-shirt.

Here’s what to do

  1. Sign Up – Sign up for Source using the affiliate code “AFFILIATE_VIKSOLEM” – which gets you a $50 discount right off the bat!
  2. Email Us – Email us at, let us know you signed up with our code, and indicate (1) your choice of logo and (2) your choice of hat or T-shirt (and T-shirt size).
  3. Learn and Enjoy – Go to the conference and drink in the security know-how!


Don’t forget to pick a logo (Consulting or Training) for your battery, webcam cover, and hat/T-Shirt.




We will have your battery, webcam cover, and hat / T-shirt at the conference or delivered to you afterwards, depending on availability.

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