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MEI Security presents the alpha release of version 4.0 of our Cyber Live-Fire Arena.

On Thursday evening, March 14 2019 (pi day) MEI Security will sponsor an online and in-person workshop for the alpha release of Arena v4.0.

MEI Security’s Arena is a training environment for improving participant’s skills in attacking and/or defending servers in a live-fire environment.  Each team has a set of VMs running web servers which provide specific files to the scoring server every 2 minutes.  If an opponent gains access to your VM and places their team name in your score files, that opponent scores points for a successful attack while you do not score defensive points that round.  Teams may choose to focus on attacks & exploits, purely on defending their VMs, or both.  The goal is to have fun & polish skill sets in a riskless exercise.

This workshop will be for up to 8 teams with up to three people per team.  This exercise is held at no cost to participants.

Contact us before March 12 for your credentials to connect to the arena. You will receive a openvpn config files for connecting to the arena as well as identity files for connecting to ssh on your team’s machines.

The event will be held both online via google Hangouts Meet and in person at MEI Security’s offices in Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA. Seating is limited to 12 people at the office, and credentials for connecting to the arena whether in person or remote are limited to 24 people overall.

Please signup at the meetup page to attend in person and/or contact us via email to get your credentials for access to the arena.


Presenter: Vik Solem, President, MEI Security

Agenda: (Times are Boston local time)

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM : Networking and light refreshments

7:00 PM – 7:05 PM : Introductions

7:05 PM – 7:30 PM : Presentation: Training Cyber Security Defenders

7:30 PM – 8:30 PM : Demo/Workshop: MEI Security’s Cyber Live Fire Arena

This meeting will be available via google Hangouts Meet.
Please signup ahead of time to receive your credentials for connecting to the arena workshop online.

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