Todd Mahan

An expert in Martial arts with more than a decade of instruction experience, Todd Mahan is serious about personal safety. He has served as an EMT in the Boston area 10 years and he served in the United States Air Force Security Forces. Needless to say, Todd likes to be outside in the action.

During his four years in the Security Forces, Todd was a member of the first Security Forces units to be front line troops since Vietnam, he served two tours in Iraq, and he was selected and trained for a 15 person CRT team (think SWAT for a military base). He was one of the two people chosen to become trainers for the team and its preparedness.

During his time in Iraq he was lauded for response and control of personnel on BIAP (Baghdad International AirPort) during rocket attacks in location and helping find origins of launch. In addition to being chosen for security duties for visiting dignitaries to Baghdad and being awarded letters of outstanding performance of duty from the highest ranking enlisted person in Baghdad, Todd was personally given a certificate of commendation from the Security Forces commander for actions taken under fire. (4 awarded out of 400 personnel)

Todd is also a third degree Blackbelt, with more than a decade of experience teaching Martial Arts, and he is a certified firearms instructor.

Using the words high-energy to describe Todd would not be an overstatement. Although the caption in the photo below reads that Todd is taking cover (That’s him on the right, taken during his time in the Air Force), it’s clear to see that even while “taking cover” he remains in motion!


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