Vik Solem

Vik Solem has spent many years in the Security field. Ever the engineer, he started taking things apart (and putting them back together) at a time when telephones had dials instead of buttons.

Vik’s love for security continues to pull him toward areas related to managing both digital and physical risk. He enjoyed cryptanalysis conversations with folks from the l0pht years before he joined AtStake. His love for martial arts includes both the art and the self defense aspects.

Vik holds the following certifications.

  • ISC2: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • NRA: Range Safety Officer
  • NRA: Basic Pistol Instructor
  • NRA: Basic Rifle Instructor
  • MSP: Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Instructor
  • PHI Training: Certified Instructor, S.A.V.E Curriculum

Vik Solem started MEI Security (then Mabuhay Enterprises Inc.) in 2007 to provide Cyber Security Consulting to commercial organizations, and Physical Security Training to individuals seeking to raise their security awareness. Vik has worked in a number of areas in the security field including small start-ups, large for-profit companies, and university environments.

It appears there is photographic evidence that Vik was once airborne.


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