Vik Solem

MEI Security wants to see YOU at the Source Boston conference, May 18 and 19. Join us where Security and Business come together at Source Boston 2016, and drink in the Security know-how. Each person who signs up with the affiliate code “AFFILIATE_VIKSOLEM” gets a portable USB battery, a slide-able webcam cover, and […]

Source Boston 2016 Promotion

Mabuhay Enterprises Inc. was formed nine years ago, on February 10, 2007.  Since then we have continued to help our customers understand risk and secure their infrastructures.  What started as a small, part-time endeavor has grown to serve multiple customers, and is on a path to serve many more customers […]

Happy Birthday MEI Security

The world can be dangerous.  We help organizations and people to conduct business and to live more safely and securely in today’s world. We do this by helping our customers understand the risks they face, providing clear assessments of their security, and helping them take steps to minimize their risks […]

MEI Security Vision Statement