Workshop: MEI Security’s Cyber Live-Fire Arena

MEI Security presents the alpha release of version 4.0 of our Cyber Live-Fire Arena. On Thursday evening, March 14 2019 (pi day) MEI Security will sponsor an online and in-person workshop for the alpha release of Arena v4.0. MEI Security’s Arena is a training environment for improving participant’s skills in attacking and/or defending servers in…
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Preparing Your Kit

Whether it’s wildfires in California, storms hitting the Carolinas, or gas lines blowing up houses in Massachusetts, current events remind us that having a few extra supplies ready can make things much easier in case of an emergency. The site is a good starting point. The following list is from their page on building…
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Password Management Tools

At last week’s Refuse To Be A Victim class we had a brief discussion regarding passwords. During that talk I mentioned a tool called LastPass. This tool helps you to maintain a collection of complex passwords which are hard for attackers to obtain via “brute force”. It also helps you have a different password for…
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Critical Infrastructure Security In A Hostile World

At MEI Security we frequently cover the Ukrainian power grid attack in our work with clients. This successful attack clearly demonstrates vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure. Whether it is electrical power, water treatment and delivery or communications including telephones and internet service, reliable functionality of infrastructure is critical to the smooth function of our society. This…
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MEI Security’s InfoSec Industry Certification Study Group

Information Security Industry Certification Study Group Who: MEI Security and You What: InfoSec Industry Cert Study Group When: Thursday, 3/1/2018, 6-8PM Where: 5 Cabot Place, 2nd Floor, Stoughton, MA 02072 USA Why: “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the number of IT security jobs is expected to have increased 18% by 2024, but as…
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MEI’s Capture The Flag @ BASC 2017 recap

In recognition of October being National Cyber Security Awareness Month MEI Security supported an Attack & Defend CTF at OWASP Boston’s BASC at Microsoft in Burlington (MA) Saturday, 10/14/17. We fielded 7 Defender workstations with multiple VM’s and IoT devices on the network as additional targets courtesy of Pwnie Express.  Attacking Teams brought their own…
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CTF Event @ BASC 2017

                                                                             MEI Security (Stoughton, MA) will support a Cyber “Capture The Flag” Workshop at the Boston Application Security Conference in Burlington, MA, October 14th. The conference is free of charge. MEI’s Arena workshop is an Attack/Defend Information Security challenge where teams of competitors defend their own services (web services and others) and launch attacks…
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The Equifax Breach: Why it’s big, and how to stay safe.

Yesterday, Equifax admitted publicly that they were breached, and that personal information was exposed for 143,000,000 U.S. Consumers.  While this is not the largest data breach in number of records exposed, it is arguably the worst data breach ever due to the type of data that criminals accessed.  Whether or not you believe that your information…
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MEI Security address change

Effective 9/1/17, MEI Security has relocated to 5 Cabot Place, Stoughton, MA, 02072

Source Boston 2017 Presentation Slides

Lessons From Infosec, Martial Arts, Firearms, and Parenthood Hard work, Hard thoughts, Tough decisions, Immense Rewards Presented by Vik Solem at Source Boston 2017