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Critical Infrastructure Security In A Hostile World

At MEI Security we frequently cover the Ukrainian power grid attack in our work with clients. This successful attack clearly demonstrates vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure. Whether it is electrical power, water treatment and delivery or communications including telephones and internet service, reliable functionality of infrastructure is critical to the smooth function of our society. This…
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Apple vs FBI – Infosec Failure for San Bernadino

While much of the argument about the iPhone data centers on whether Apple should comply with an order to break their own protections, companies which own phones should note that the real failure is that of San Bernadino County’s information security policies and procedures.  They permitted their property ( the iPhone ) to be used…
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Apple vs FBI – Not About Just One Phone

There seems to be some question about Apple refusing access to a single phone.  First of all, let’s be clear.  The failure is that of San Bernadino County.  They own a device, the phone, which might contain information useful for a federal investigation.  They can’t get into their own phone.  Consider that the phone is…
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