Penetration Testing

Small & Medium-sized businesses are increasingly under cyber attack from organized groups, malicious individuals and state-sponsored teams.  Malicious actors using ever more sophisticated tools are able to probe organizations around the globe with a few, simple keystrokes.  Another critical attack vector includes improperly deployed or configured network resources.  Too few organizations are adept at recognizing malicious traffic, and some are not adept at detecting unauthorized access of network resources.

Penetration Testing often reveals vulnerabilities unknown or unacknowledged by organizations.  A penetration test is an active, authorized attempt to simulate what an attacker might do when trying to compromise your networks and systems.  A wide variety of security assessment tools are available to assist with penetration testing.  These tests are often conducted after normal business hours so as to not disrupt business operations.  Importantly, it is not in an organization’s best interests to depend on internal staff to perform penetration testing.  Many security experts also discourage use of the same penetration tester repeatedly to subject systems to a greater variety of tools and skill levels.  Depending on the scope of the engagement, a penetration test may include physical avenues of simulated attack as well as digital methods.

Penetration testing is often provided in addition to or following a Security Assessment to help validate a security posture.  After the penetration test is performed, MEI Security produces a detailed report indicating any successful attacks, system strengths and weaknesses with specific recommendations for improvement.

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