Small Business Security Assessment

Our Small Business Security Assessment is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get a picture of your cyber security posture along with an overview of your physical security stance. The end result will give you a solid understanding of where you are and what risks your business faces.


An SBSA is designed to be completed in four to five hours, with the final hour being a summarization of position, potential threats, and solutions. We provide our findings in order of estimated cost to  difficulty of correcting.


The Assessment ~ We look at your business, its physical space and your IT/IS structure. We then interview key stakeholders to help us understand your reality and your perception of the business. Learning the specifics of your business helps us craft the most accurate assessment possible.


Posture and Reporting ~ After we spend the required time assessing your security posture,  we apply our findings to our Priority Response Model (PRM).  The results of our PRM are then delivered to you in a strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis.


Recommendations ~ Our recommendations for addressing your potential risks are designed to help you improve your posture through simple and inexpensive processes or tools. This could be a change in policies or simply updating your antivirus daily by migrating to a subscription service that updates your AdWare or MalWare software on a daily basis.


A part of our recommendation package includes information you can take to any industry experts who specialize in offsetting threats.  Your business is under no obligation to use any of these experts but we highly recommend you contact us or any security professionals when it comes to more complex risk mitigation.



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