5 Things You Should Never Do!

Believe it or not their is a group of individuals out there that are maliciously looking to steal your identity, steal your passwords and even steal your money ~ and we as a society make it easy for them to accomplish.  How can we minimize our personal risk?  Well, we are glad you asked.  Here are our TOP 5 Things you should NEVER do!


Don’t click the link! Phishing is one of the simplest ways for a hacker to gain access to your information.  They use clever looking e-mails and very personal sounding language to misrepresent an agency of importance, like the IRS or your Bank, all in the hopes you will take the bait.

  • Check the E-mail Address – it is likely from a personal account like .gmail or similar
  • Call the Company – if they sent it, they will help you over the phone (psssst… they didn’t send it!)


Never trust an unsolicited phone call – No different than clicking the link, many people still find themselves in compromising situations because they still allow themselves to be hustled via the phone.

  • The IRS doesn’t send e-mails or make phone calls – they send Mail
  • If you don’t recognize the number, let it go to voice mail.  If it is truly important, they WILL leave a voicemail for you.


Never give out personal information without vetting the source – We hope this speaks for itself.


Never leave your devices unattended – It only takes 30 seconds for your devices to be compromised.

  • If you are going to leave them unattended, make sure you use a screenlock with password protection


Never run a machine with out Anti-virus protection – Although not a flawless solution, it is still one of the best ways to protect your home and work computers.  There are some free down-loadable tools if you are on a budget, but strongly encourage you to spend the $60 a year for Norton or McAfee.



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