Penetration Tester

We are seeking penetration testers who can communicate with customers in a meaningful way.

Just breaking in doesn’t get the job done. MEI Security is seeking pen testers who can work with our customers to help the understand how to protect themselves against future attacks. This requires the ability to think like an attacker and like a defender.

Software Developer

We are seeking a software developer to work on our internally facing and customer facing software products.

Software developers work on varied platforms, in different languages, with different technologies in support of our growing collection of software products.

This is a small company with a fast-paced environment. Our current software efforts range from a server-based dashboard display of back end data, through a back end which serves data to both server and mobile deployments, all the way to mobile apps which include using a directional antenna to locate stolen wireless devices.

The following experience may help you in this role.

  • Knowledge of working with different languages and different platforms (e.g. android, ios, linux, windows)
  • Demonstrated experience learning new languages as needed (e.g. you learnd awk scripting via “man awk”)
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in a week (This is a dynamic environment.)
  • Coursework in Computer Science, equivalent work experience, or show us what you wrote
  • Understanding of some the following areas is a plus. Agile, JIRA, dashboards, shell scripting, php, python, arduino, openbsd, pi

Atlassian Administrator

We are seeking an Atlassian Administrator to consult with one or more customers.

Atlassian administrators work with our customers on their Atlassian products including JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Hipchat. This role includes advising customers on how to leverage their Atlassian products in support of business operations including software development and company management.

The following experience may help you in this role.

  • 3+ years in information technology in a support / administration role
  • 1+ years with Atlassian products including JIRA and/or Confluence
  • Knowledge of working in a secure environment (e.g. no telnet or ftp, strong passwords, 2 factor authentication)
  • Demonstrated experience helping people learn how to leverage Atlassian tools to make their work-lives easier
  • Strong Customer services skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent work experience
  • Understanding of several of the following areas. Agile, JIRA plugins, Confluence plugins, dashboards and gadgets, integrating Atlassian tools with other applications